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Please note that this is an information site only. If you choose to play online in South African rands, ensure that online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction before signing up for real money. As obvious as it sounds, if you are unsure, then it’s more prudent not to sign up and play for real money. You are welcome to use this website to keep abreast of gambling news and as an updated source for a comprehensive online casino South Africa directory.

The gambling industry in South Africa is a high potential one, and it is our sincere hope that online gambling gets properly regulated locally, and soon. The lack of enforcement of existing South African gambling laws, particularly in the online casino space, has resulted in a large number of dodgy, fly-by-night casino operators. A regulated gambling industry would result in better protected consumers with some recourse to the state if they are cheated.

An added advantage of gambling regulation is, of course, that the government actually benefits from a huge increase in tax revenue from operators. Currently these casino operators, as detailed in the South African online casino directory, act outside South African boundaries and are not taxed on their profits. When one considers the situation, it’s a no-brainer for government to act – it is practically inevitable that they will see an excellent return on investment. One can only hope that more is done than simply redesigning the National Gambling Board’s corporate identity.

If you are eligible to gamble online legally in your jurisdiction, you will no doubt find that every online casino has its own distinct personality, and each attracts different types of gamblers. Regardless of whether you’re a casual gaming experimenter, or a high-roller, there is something to cater for every need. The “online casino” menu bar item has multiple sub-menus with various categories of casino options to help you see exactly what is available in the South Africa Casino market. If you do find bonus offers that you’d like to try out, click the relevant image link to access that offer. So that you don’t lose your place on this site, each casino will open in a new window for your convenience.

Responsible Gambling Helpline

National Responsible Gambling Program

South Africa Casino wishes you the best of luck in your online casino adventures – remember to treat it as entertainment, and be sure to gamble responsibly. Should you find that you, or somebody that you know, is showing signs of gambling addiction, please do the right thing and contact the National Responsible Gambling Program immediately: Call the 0800 006 008 helpline from any South African phone.